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James Blood Ulmer's Blues Experience

Review 08/21/99 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At the Knitting Factory, NYC [8pm] (with Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey) I met Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey's wife outside the club and we were talking about the origin of many of the tracks from the recent Mutiny CD releases.....they are only available by ordering from Jerome Brailey's official website. Please note that there is a new Mutiny CD that was just released called "Slow Drag", which is a nice R&B ballad CD! At 9:10pm, James Blood Ulmer, Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey and Mark Peterson began their blues-funk set. Unfortunately, I don't have a set list for their performance, so please bear with me. The first song was a heavy, blues-rock tune with heavy bass influence and funky guitarism! The second song was a straight-up funky blues song with more thumpin' bass by Mark Peterson. Adding more spice to the song was Bigfoot's syncopated drumming and funkafied rhythm guitaring by J. B. Ulmer. Queen Ester came out and sang lead vocals from the next tune, a beautiful slow-tempo blues song. There were a few more songs that were done, before the highlight of the show......the last tune was DA BOMB! It was a heavy funk song with a funkafied bass line, hot guitar licks and some kick-ass heavy drumming!!! Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey performed a drum solo that was so funky that the ground beneath the club began to shake!! Mark's bass solo was just as good....bass riffs that were too smoldering for words! The first set ended at 10:10pm. I left after the first set, but not until I met James Blood Ulmer, Mark Peterson and Queen Ester. I also bought the Mutiny CDs "Slow Drag" and "P.FunkInALatinGroove". I left the club with a friend at 10:35pm.

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